HVAC Duct Cleaning in OKC

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Who do you call when you need air duct cleaning in OKC?

Any time we are looking for HVAC duct cleaning in OKC we tend to always migrate towards the company that has always been the most reliable and professional company. In the last few years we have started to really focus more on what is in the air we breathe everyday. Since we have started getting our ducts cleaned by an expert a lot of our breathing problems have been cut down drastically. We have also noticed a lot less of the waking up with stuffy noses as well. We feel healthier and seem to have more of a pep in our step when we wake up. If you are looking for our recommendation then you can find them at their air duct cleaning OKC site at adamsaircare.com

Below you will find some of the reasons why you should get your OKC ducts cleaned and what a professional company in Oklahoma will do for you and your home.


Health Hazards

” Understanding about duct cleaning remains in its early stages, so a blanket suggestion can not be provided regarding whether you must have your duct in your house cleaned up. The United States Epa (EPA) prompts you to read this page in it whole as it offers crucial info on the topic.

It is very important to bear in mind that filthy air ducts are only one of numerous possible sources of particles that exist in homes. Contaminants that get in the house both from outdoors and indoor activities such as cooking, cleaning, cigarette smoking, or simply walking around can trigger higher direct exposure to pollutants than filthy duct. There is no proof that a light quantity of home dust or other particulate matter in air ducts positions any danger to your health.”

My Own Experience

When I had to work in a 100,000 square foot structure, I discovered that the variety of sick days from workers in this building was two times as high as our business’s other buildings. These places were within 3 blocks of each other so there was no change in the climate condition. Either we had some “goof-offs” at only one building who didn’t appear for work or we had something else going on.

We had ecological laboratories evaluate the air come and absolutely nothing considerable existed. We had actually a business come and tidy all ducts over the weekend. No little job! Over the next 2-3 months, the absence dropped. While it cannot be shown, I think cleaning these ducts enhanced this scenario.

Inspect Your Ducts Yourself

Prior to you call an expert, you can do a little investigator work of your very own. Open the air register and thoroughly hold a little digital video camera with a flash into the duct. Reach as far as you can without dropping the video camera. Pointing at the 4 sides of the ductwork, take numerous images.

All ductwork will have some build-up which can be cleaned up by putting a vacuum hose pipe partway into the ductwork. Eliminating this build-up will increase the air flow and the effective operation of your HEATING AND COOLING system. You might desire to think about expert duct cleaning if you images reveal you a thick build-up of dust.

The Cleaning

One is by a hand-held vacuum. A big portable vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particle air) filter is by hand walked around inside the ductwork. This might leave pockets of dust behind.Workers utilize a brush connected to a big portable vacuum geared up with the HEPA filter. The hand-held approach isn’t really entirely reputable and might leave pockets of dust.

Another approach is a mechanical turning brush positioned inside the ductwork. This bush and hose pipe are connected to a truck-mounted vacuum. It is possible for this rotation to harm old ductwork if you live in an older house.

The last approach is an air sweep with compressed air fed into a pipe and into the ducts. A truck-mounted vacuum takes out dust and particles that is removed by the compressed air.

Expert cleaners utilize among 3 various approaches to clean your ductwork in OKC.